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A Manual To Finding Your Motivation


My Goal

I have a passion to help people find their true identity.  Discover the gifts that have been instilled in them from inception.  Once we've identified those gifts, I use the broad knowledge base I've obtained throughout the years and the resourcefulness gift I've been blessed with to help facilitate their passions.

My Story

I grew up the oldest of three preachers kids.  I had and still have a very close-knit family.  Although I knew I was loved, I felt like the odd man out.  I didn't think like the rest of my family.  My father was the kindest and most compassionate person I knew.  However, I wasn't.  I saw things black and white with definite opinions about everything.

In 1993 I was exposed to the Motivational Gifts teaching in the church I attended at the time.  It was revolutionary.  It gave me words to my feelings.  It showed me why I was different and it was beneficial for others that I was.

I have taught the Motivational Gifts to the church I pastored and to a bible study group that met in my home.  It has enlightened so many.

I am a John Maxwell Team certified Speaker, Coach, and Teacher.


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